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"I started using AirTimer in my speaking club and I cannot imagine running our meetings without it!" 

Aparna, Speak Up Frisco Toastmasters, Frisco, USA

“The AirTimer is my best friend for Toastmasters meetings! I also use it when I practice my speeches and presentations for work. It saves a lot of time as well keeps my kids happy because they don't have to listen to me speak all the time. It's the best invention for time-management for speakers!” 

Monica, DTM, Division Director, Dallas, USA

“We bought the AirTimer at the 2017 Vancouver convention. Happy to say that my TM club members are thoroughly enjoying it in our weekly meetings. Thank you for this great product!!” 

Ian, TM club member, Victoria, British Columbia

"AirTimer is an ideal tool for anyone who wants to maintain efficiency during a meeting. It is easy to use and an overall superb invention."

Valerie, TM club president, Austin, USA


"I think AirTimer should be a standard part of all Toastmasters, and/or organizations where speakers need to be timed. It's easy to use and allows you to sit back and enjoy the speaker." 

Ginger, TM club member, Round Rock, USA

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